A life grows and is born inside a "wonderful muffled container", but despite the mother's natural protection, sounds and habits begin to be assimilated by the little newcomer. Nature creates, in slow steps, connections and these through my work as a hiking guide, which I love and have practiced for almost 10 years, continue to radiate like the roots of a plant and reach my sons, Massimiliano and Damiano.

This type of walk could be perceived as an ostentatious desire on the part of parents to prove that everything can be done despite having very young children in tow. In reality, lovers of nature walks like me are driven by one great desire: share with their children the feelings of pleasure and excitement they experience during a hike.

The breeze on their skin, the smell of aromatic herbs, the beauty of the Sorrento coastline plunging steeply into the sea, or the taste of that packed lunch that, who knows why, eaten in the mountains always tastes so special!

During the walks that I propose, the key points for me are: 

  • fun,
  • respect for the territory, 
  • discovery,
  • respect for the needs of young and old. 

Thanks to my experience as a mother / hiker, I can advise you the hike best suited to your needs and, if necessary, rend you the baby carrier

  • baby sling,

  • ergonomic baby carrier,

  • baby backpack carrier.

All useful and practical information will be provided to you according to the excursion, so that you can organize everything "necessary". 
Always remember that "carrying everything you really need" guarantees a smoother walk.

Through my proposals for hiking experiences with babies & toddlers (0-5y) you will be able to appreciate the enchanting landscape of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula, share it with your children, and discover how much the connection between you, them and the surrounding nature is strengthened at every 'slow step', at every corner, especially if after that corner a breathtaking scenery opens up before you... a wonderful family discovery...