The Green Donkey: discover with us the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula while walking!

In close contact with nature, walking along more or less known paths, such as the Path of the Gods or the Path of the 3 Calli, one learns to be an attentive observer, able to appreciate the quality of a simpler and more authentic pace of life.

The walks are full of colors, scents, silences ... a small pace at low, very low speed ... that's why the donkey is our symbol.

His slow-paced, sincere step, faithful friend and ancient travel companion, symbol of the undying strength of the people who still live in inaccessible but wonderful places today! With the donkey, the idea of ​​slow tourism is realized, green like the ceramic donkey symbol of our land, the Amalfi Coast, green like our surname.

The Green Donkey, to appreciate the green at the slow pace of nature.

The passion and respect for nature, handed down and shared in a family team (my father Francesco for 40 years, and I for 10), are characteristics that we love to share with the hikers we guide during our tours departing from Sorrento and not only. We are continually looking for magical experiences, emotions, encounters, listening, respect and kindness towards these places frozen in time, small jewels set in unspoiled nature, often facing the seashore, overlooking Capri, rich in traditions, history and legends.

These places are often cultivated and guarded by small entrepreneurs who, with commitment and care, give new lymph to the territories of Campania to "create better places where people can live" and "better places that people can visit", and where we can find ancient flavors that we taste during our hiking experiences.

What we pay close attention to:
  • minimizing the economic and environmental impact
  • generating greater economic benefits for local communities
  • improving the well-being of local communities
  • contributing positively to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage
  • promoting "experiential tourism" by connecting guests and hosts
  • extending and making the "green" experience accessible to people with disabilities also.
How we make it possible:
  • 0 use of plastic

  • tasting of traditional products in the respect of seasonality, strictly locally sourced

  • itineraries for a limited number of people, with low environmental impact

  • use of means of transport only if necessary. In this case we propose the use of public transport, or to leave for the excursion on foot directly from the hotel, a tailor-made tour ...

For lovers of locally sourced, typical products 

If requested, during each tour there is the possibility of organizing lunch:

  • option 1: local farm 

  • option 2: organizing a picnic, buying some typical Campania products from the producer such as: cheeses, mozzarella, tomatoes, etc. and preparing a tasty snack along the hike, all together.